Hip Hop Classes

Class Overview

Hip Hop is a popular, energetic style of dance defined by its individualism and freedom of movement. Inspired by pop culture, hip trends, and the latest music, hip hop has always been at the forefront of the evolution of dance while sticking to its roots as a cultural movement, art, and lifestyle. Hip hop dancers gain musicality, confidence, coordination, social interaction and endurance while learning how to infuse their own personality and experiences into their dancing. Classes consist of Isolation & Warm-up movements, Stretches, Center & Across the Floor Progressions, and current choreography. Age appropriate music and movement is used for each class.

Age Groups

All classes are streamed by age and ability. As our students and studio grows, so will our roster of classes! Additional classes/levels of technique will be added to our program as we move forward.

  • Ages 11 + Hip Hop Thursdays, 6:00 – 6:50

To find out what class is the perfect fit for your dancer, feel free to contact us and book a free trial class!

What to wear

We encourage unity among our students with a dress code unique to each class. By keeping to a dress code, we’ve found that students are freer to concentrate on the class and the instruction being given. We keep to this standard for every class we offer. However, in recognition of hip hop’s expressive world and emphasis on individuality, the dress code for this class is more flexible.

We encourage students to express their unique selves and their own hip hop style with loose comfortable clothes that are easy to move in (sweatpants, sweat shorts, shirts, sweatshirts, tank tops, dance sweaters, dance pants or shorts, etc.). All students must wear a leotard underneath their dance clothes, and use hip hop shoes that are worn only on the dance floor and not as street shoes/outside the studio. A CRDA logo leotard or biketard and all other required dance-wear & shoes can be purchased through our CRDA boutique in the studio. Feel free to contact us to schedule the best time to have your dancer measured and fitted for new dance-wear.

What to bring

  • Water in a spill proof bottle.
  • Snacks are allowed before or after class. However, no food or drinks are allowed on the dance floor.
  • Dance sweaters and warmups are recommended during the colder months to wear over their leotards.
  • Have your dancer keep a dance bag to carry their dance shoes and essentials to and from classes.