Ballet & Tap- Combination Class

Class Overview

Classical ballet and lively tap taught with care and creativity! In our beginner level, students are introduced to movements and terminology that form the foundations of classical ballet and tap dancing, while maintaining an environment that is fun and beginner friendly! Each class is formatted to inspire students with imaginative themes, and classical dance concepts are taught creatively and intentionally with age and ability level in mind. Dancers are helped to develop their technique and performance skills with progressive training that is fun, challenging, and inspirational!

Age Groups

All classes are streamed by age and ability. As our students and studio grows, so will our roster of classes! Additional classes/levels of technique will be added to our program as we move forward.

  • Ages 7 – 9 Beginner Ballet & Tap Tuesdays, 6:00 – 6:45

To find out what class is the perfect fit for your dancer, feel free to contact us and schedule a free trial class!

What to wear

We encourage unity among our students with a dress code specific to each class. By keeping to a dress code, we’ve found that students are freer to concentrate on the class and the instruction given, and share a greater sense of solidarity with their peers. A CRDA logo leotard and all other required dance-wear can be purchased through our CRDA boutique in the studio. Contact us to schedule the best time to have your dancer measured and fitted for new dance-wear.

What to bring

  • Water in a spill proof bottle
  • Snacks are allowed before or after class. However, no food or drinks are allowed on the dance floor.
  • Dance sweaters and warmups are recommended during the colder months to wear over their tights and leotards.
  • Have your child keep a dance bag to carry dance shoes and other essentials to and from classes.